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Deepening Our Self-Understanding

As we and our society have programmed our subconscious deeply to keep ourselves entranced in the dualistic empirical world, we have accepted living in a constant background of fear. We have believed that we can be victims of intimidation and other thefts of our life-force, but nothing beyond our own consciousness enforces this entrancement, and we can release our awareness intentionally, by using our imagination and emotions creatively. We have an innate connection with much greater consciousness that opens our awareness to our true essence, our limitless, eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative power. Who we are is so far beyond our human imagination!

Nevertheless, we can have an impression of our essence, and that is sufficient to transform our perspective about everything. We are learning how energy is expressed and how it interacts with other energetic complexes. In our essence we have no darkness or negativity. In our awareness, we arise within the consciousness that creates and enhances all life. It gives us complete freedom to pay attention and align with any kinds of energies we desire to experience, which is how we got into our present situation.

Everything we experience is carrying us into deeper Self-Realization. There is a distinct difference between living in the negative aspect of duality, and living in love and freedom. We innately know what this is, and we can be constantly aware of our own polarity and vibratory quality by how we feel about ourselves. We can train ourselves to feel ourselves living in a world of gratitude and joy, beyond the reach of negativity.

Whenever we are aware that we’re paying attention to something negative, we can take a few deep, slow, rhythm breaths and align the direction of our focus with our heart-consciousness. This opens a realm of life-enhancing energies and experiences. By practicing being aware constantly of our inner knowing, we open our awareness to higher guidance. As our awareness opens, we can realize the nature of the play of consciousness that we’re living in, and how we can transform our experiences.

Everyone in every encounter in essence is a Being of Light. When we pay attention to the inner light, we can be in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator and can feel ourselves enveloped in unconditional love and joy. Negative energies and experiences dissolve out of our lives from lack of our attention. Our realization can elevate and intensify our radiance, creative ability, and experience.

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