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Creating Our Reality

On the inward journey to enlightenment, the most important process to learn is how to raise our vibratory presence and become comfortable and consistent in moving into higher and higher positive vibrations. Since we have been created and have lived in higher dimensions, we intuitively know what they feel like, even though we have been unable to align with them in our compartmentalized human consciousness. We come from Being in unconditional love, light and truth in the fullness of Being, but in our human awareness, our ego-consciousness, we have been unable to know this. Yet, this is our origin and our destiny. We are here only for an excursion into the experience of duality, made possible by our acceptance of limited consciousness.

In our limited state of consciousness, we have been challenged to believe in the possibility that powerful, unlimited love in every aspect of life could be real. In order for this reality to come into our experience, we must transcend our limited perspective by sensitizing ourselves to our intuitive knowing through inner searching, when we are in a positive, high-vibratory environment in a state of gratitude. We can train our ego-consciousness to relax and just pay attention without desiring or thinking about anything. One way of experiencing unconditional love in our heart and emotions is to desire to align with it.

If we can train ourselves to be present in awareness and to feel the energetic presence of everyone and everything that comes into our presence, we can be aware of our intuitive guidance in every moment, and we can let ourselves feel what our heart wants to express for us. Aligning with this vibration and feeling carries us into a realm beyond polarity, where there is only unlimited love in everyone and everything. Here everyone is aware of the awareness of everyone that they focus on, and every focus and alignment is a sharing of life force and the energy of our heart.

Gradually we can move into universal consciousness, when we know deeply that our human self is a limited expression of our real Being, and that we are playing a kind of personal drama with predestined roles that we can change extemporaneously by intentionally directing our vibrations. In our essence, we are the ultimate creators of the vibratory level of our energy signature. This radiates our vibratory level into the quantum field, attracting resonating energy patterns and modulating them with our own vibratory patterns. This means that the vibratory level of our thoughts and feelings determines the quality of our experiences.

By being clear and without limiting attachments, we can expand our awareness into universal consciousness and know everything we want to know in every circumstance. Our intuition is our connection with every conscious entity through the consciousness of the Being within Whom we live and have eternal awareness and our infinite creative ability. Our expressions come into our experience, when we realize them and feel the vibrations of their reality.

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