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Creating a Continuously Heart-Felt Life

In our imagination, we can go to a secret place of beauty and tranquility, where the air is sweet, the birds sing uplifting songs, and we can fantasize that we are light Beings interfacing with other light Beings in wonderful ways. We can make this kind of fantasy into an imaginary experience that we can feel through our senses. In this realm there is only gratitude and joy and deepest love. If we can imagine experiencing all of this, we are taking the first step in creating this way of Being as our reality. It is already in our awareness, because we actually can experience this in our expanded consciousness. The more we intend to realize the light-Being of everyone we encounter, the more we vibrate at the level of the creative life force flowing through our heart. Our experiences are manifestations of our own radiant energies, which we draw out of the quantum field with our state of being, expressed as our personal energy signature. This can be our new world of experience.

One way of creating this kind of vision manifesting into our experience is to release our limiting beliefs about ourselves, so that we can become mentally and emotionally clear, with all personal requirements immediately fulfilled. We add our life force to the light of everyone that we focus on and exchange energies with, including the negative ones, whom we can encounter without fear or engagement, but with compassion and forgiveness, even if they cannot receive it. What matters is our own level of polarity and vibration. By maintaining a vibration at the level of gratitude and love, we modulate the quality of energies that we radiate into the quantum field that envelops us, attracting experiences that reflect the quality of our own energetic signature. This is what we recognize as our reality.

We can realize how we create our own experiences, while at the same time participating in the experiences of humanity. By learning to resolve and transcend beliefs in our personal limitations, we can awaken to amazingly expansive awareness and mastery of our human situation. As we develop deep sensitivity to our intuition by paying attention to our inner knowing and emotional guidance, we find that we begin to live miraculous lives. The energy patterns that could have been difficult or even tragic for us get transformed into positive encounters or distant events. Our experiences result from our own predominant and continuous vibrations and polarity. Once we are aware of this, we can intentionally practice choosing our vibratory patterns by directing our attention in positive ways.

In order to live the most fulfilling lives, we can make achieving mental and emotional control a primary factor in our attention. We can open our awareness to the presence of light beings all around us and learn to converse telepathically with them. When we align ourselves with the energy of our heart, we have so many wonderful capabilities potentially available to us, awaiting our realization.

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