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Continuing the Journey within Ourselves

We have believed that we must hypnotize our ego mind in order to communicate directly with our subconscious. It is true that the ego mind must be inactive, as is the case under hypnosis, but it can be aware of subconscious communication. We can learn to query our subconscious and be aware of the answers. In order to do this, our ego-mind must be trained to be placid. It must feel secure and untroubled by anything. These are qualities that we can recognize and accept into our self-awareness. It can be helpful to go into a deep, imaginative meditation into oneself, while aligning with the vibratory presence of the Spirit of the Earth and the conscious presence of our heart. In this state, we can be calm and aware of our non-localized presence. We can be completely open to our inner knowing, deeper than our subconscious and infinite in awareness.

Locked into the limitations of our ego-consciousness, we have had no idea of our infinite essence, unlimited awareness and creative power. Within the parameters of the trance of ego-consciousness, we have believed in our limitations, and we have rejected conscious expansion beyond them. Personal transformation is possible, if we want it and are willing to realize what it is. An intellectual understanding of this process can be helpful in directing us toward a high-vibratory use of our imagination and emotions. As we become more vibrant, we increase our openness to greater support and trust in our essence. We are fractals of the infinite consciousness of our Creator, the source of our essence and conscious life-force.

Once we know our potential to realize the truth about our Self, we can make a conscious effort to awaken from the human trance. We can become aware of our presence beyond time and space, and our ability to change our human expression to greater beauty and heart-felt charisma. As the directors, artists and actors of our lives, our expansion happens intentionally on our part. It all depends upon calming the ego and training it to be inactively observant.

It may be helpful to know what to expect from the various parts of our consciousness. The subconscious has only deductive reasoning. It does not know the future and can only report the past, going back forever. It can respond only to simple questions and can give accurate answers. The ego-conscious mind has both deductive and inductive reasoning, due to our free will. We can believe whatever we want, and we can think and feel however we want. Taking command of these aspects of ourselves allows us to create our lives intentionally. Beyond the limitations of inductive and deductive reasoning is inner knowing. This is the vibration of our creative, life-enhancing conscious life-force and our connection to infinite consciousness.

The ego does not recognize our inner knowing, because it is in a different aspect of our consciousness and a different dimension of our awareness. Aligning with the life-enhancing vibrations of our heart-consciousness opens us to our hidden abilities of greater awareness and creativity. We can go through a shift from the shadows of duality to the positivity of infinite love, enabling us to realize the magnitude of who we are.

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