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Choosing and Experiencing Our Quality of Life

I met a fascinating person today. He was a beggar of sorts, but he had no begging bowl, and he stood tall and Self-assured. He asked for nothing, but his presence spoke. I knew immediately who he was by the light in his eyes. He chose to stand in front of the local health food store, as beggars sometimes do. Some of them play music, some entertain, and some are just desperate. He was just himself. He wanted to meet heart-conscious people who are fearless, and who recognize him and are moved to converse. He wanted to affect every person who walks by with the psychic challenge for them to realize their state of being.

This is our challenge as well. What kind of energy do we express in every moment? Are we aware of it? Taking a step toward enlightenment includes accepting everything about ourselves and realizing the fears that created our self-limiting beliefs. We have allowed ourselves to create situations of fear and intimidation. Upon examination, we can understand that they have no basis outside of our own consciousness. Through our attention and emotional vibratory alignment we have allowed fear and negativity to enter our state of being, closing off awareness of our heart-consciousness and inviting negativity into our experience.

Without heart-consciousness, we are subject to ego-consciousness, which reasons and ponders based on its history, memories and logic, but does not deeply know anything. It is constantly under stress and fear of the unknown and of termination. We do not have to subject ourselves to poverty, fear and feelings of separation from others. These conditions all stem from our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and can be resolved by intentional awareness and our desire to know and feel our heart-consciousness through our intuition.

We have been given the choice of using our creative essence in whatever way we want and imagine, just by the polarity and vibratory presence of our thoughts and emotions. In every moment we are creating our experiences by the way we are, mentally and emotionally. Our experiences have taught us to know all about the energetic patterns of the dualistic, empirical world. We can recognize them all, and we know which ones we want to experience. By choosing to live intentionally in the energies that we love, we no longer experience those that we do not dwell upon. Even though they may be happening for others around us, they disappear from our lives.

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