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A Path of Transformation

When we’re enveloped in the wilds of nature, perhaps high in the mountains with panoramic views and silence all around us, and feeling great gratitude and joy, we can ask the angels of the air to brighten our experience even more, which they love to do, when we ask and are open and receptive in complete confidence, because of our resonance with the nature spirits, the Spirit of the Earth and our heart-consciousness. When we are in alignment with our heart-consciousness, we can communicate telepathically with all beings and with the consciousness of all things.

When we align with our heart-consciousness, we can be expansive and ecstatic in the thorough enjoyment of being who we are in the magic of our powers of awareness and creative expression. This is our natural state of Being and is our experience, when we resolve and release our limited beliefs about ourselves. We can then enter the vibratory spectrum of absolute confidence in the creative impressions and expressions of our focus of attention. By aligning our perspective on life with the vibrations of joy and compassion, we can deeply understand every moment and live in our connection with universal consciousness and enhancement of all life.

By opening ourselves and wanting the awareness of our heart-consciousness, we can leave the world of duality and enter a higher dimension of expanded conscious awareness in unconditional love, personal fulfillment and infinite creative ability with our mental and emotional expressions. We can learn to use the power of our imagination to receive the expressions of heart-consciousness. We can call up emotions that feel the qualities of the vibrations that we are paying attention to, and we can be present as much as we desire at this vibratory level.

Living in the realm of gratitude and joy, we can be exempt from all negative experiences, because we realize that in the vibratory spectrum of heart-consciousness, there is always quantum support for us to achieve what our heart desires. The quantum field manifests our experiences in resonance with our predominant thoughts and feelings. As we learn to direct our thoughts and emotions to life-enhancing visions and scenarios, as well as just being present in gratitude and love, we leave the realm of duality and enter the realm of life experiences that become magical and wonderful. In this way we can transform our lives, and it can happen whenever we choose with strong enough intent of our entire consciousness.

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