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Working with the Energies of Relationships

All relationships are within our own consciousness, because we are all participating in infinite consciousness. Without our self-imposed limitations, we can be aware of everyone’s awareness. Our personal essence consists of our attention. We are each a presence of awareness with infinite creative power. Constantly we create the qualities of our relationships by how we feel about ourselves. As we sensitize ourselves to our own feelings and learn to direct them creatively, we cease being victims of our own ignorance. We can learn to regard every thought and feeling as an expression of the divine, because that is exactly what it is. Every thought and feeling in every moment is creative. It shapes and forms our personal energetic expressions that interact with all of the energetic patterns in our environment, creating our experiences.

When we know how energy flows in our own consciousness, we want to relate with others in the most wonderful ways, because it’s the most fun, and we know that we are creating a continuation of the expressions of our heart. When we maintain this perspective, we enhance our energetic presence. All the cells of our bodies fill with vitality and regenerative energies. We can fill ourselves with gratitude, knowing that we are attracting experiences that resonate with our vibratory patterns.

Everyone we meet is an expression of an energetic pattern in our consciousness. All of them are inviting us to be in gratitude, compassion and joy, because these are the feelings that we love the most. If they are not present in situations that we encounter, we can transform the energies in our awareness with intuitive alignment with our heart-consciousness. We can learn to use our imagination in powerfully-focused, transforming ways that change the limiting energetic patterns held in our subconscious.

By living with a life-enhancing perspective, we vibrate ourselves into a world of love, joy and fulfillment in every way. We depart from the world of fear and belief in mortality and enter the world of higher vibrations. We can learn to align ourselves with the consciousness of the Creator, which is our own deepest essence and conscious life-force. We can open ourselves to the unconditional love of infinite creativity and so much more. Everything is available to us, including the most wonderful relationships, because we create them in our own imaginings and feelings in every situation.

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