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Working with the Creative Energies of Life

Although it appears and feels as if we are subject to actions, events and circumstances outside of our own being, we are absolutely in control of how these things affect us and even what kind of encounters we experience. We have learned to believe that we are our physical bodies, living in an empirical world that we can be aware of through our physical senses, and that we are subject to these external influences and forces. Anything beyond our empirical and mental perceptions, we do not know or feel.

As a result of the development of quantum physics just over a hundred years ago, we now know that there is much more involved in understanding the nature of our experiences. The quantum sciences have shown the validity of ancient spiritual teachings, that there is a universal consciousness that is the source and cause of everything that exists. There is only One Consciousness, and we all participate in it to the extent that our personal limiting beliefs about ourselves allow. Universal consciousness pervades everything and provides the essence for everything that exists. Everything is conscious, down to the infinitely minute subatomic constituents of our reality.

What does all of this mean for our personal experiences as we live our daily lives? Our conscious awareness consists of a fractalized essence of the Being that expresses Itself as us. Universal consciousness expresses itself in the form of electromagnetic waves that become material and experiential for us, when we recognize them. Without our recognition, everything remains imperceptible in the unified quantum field of all potentialities. When we can transcend our personal limitations, our awareness opens to a more expansive understanding of our reality.

As we become able to transcend our physical presence, we find that we are pure self-conscious beings of present awareness. We can avail ourselves of various techniques of self-transcendence beyond attachment to our bodies, and we can come into realization of our unexpressed, unlimited consciousness, including all of the emotions and visions of infinitely powerful creativity in the life-enhancement of all conscious beings.

We express ourselves as energetic patterns of electromagnetic waves with polarity, vibratory resonance and strength. What matters is the quality of energy that we choose to engage and align with in either support, resistance or transformation. Our inherent creative ability enables us to experience anything we choose, depending upon the polarity and vibratory level of our conscious perspective. Once we intend to align with the vibratory level of our heart, we can enter into alignment with the universal consciousness of the Creator of all, in unconditional love and expanding awareness. We can express our unlimited ability to create the fulfillment of every desire of our heart, and we can intentionally exempt ourselves from negative experiences just by our unwavering heart-felt energetic alignment.

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