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Why We Must Become Fearless

To be the best and most potent versions of ourselves, we must become fearless. We can transform the contracting energy of fear into the expansiveness of joy by our personal choices. We can learn to use our free will creatively and without limitation. We have learned to choose to live in doubt and fear, and we have made conditions that express the vibratory level of doubt and lovelessness. This is not a natural limitation. We have created it, and we can transform it. For us, it is a conscious choice. Once our sub-conscious is imprinted with our choice, regardless of why we made the choice, it establishes the polarity and vibratory level for our state of being, bringing our thoughts and emotions into alignment with its energetics. As long as we harbor doubt of any kind, we are experientially enslaved to its polarity, which is negative.

We can choose love only by being fearless. When we feel doubt about anything arise in us, it is a signal for us to pay attention to what is going on. Instead of letting our ego-consciousness direct us into a situation in which we compromise our intention to be grateful, compassionate, loving and joyful, we have the power of choosing our vibratory level. In any moment, we can choose to be however we want mentally and emotionally, regardless of how imposing conflicting energies may be.

In realizing that the power of our free will is an important ability, our intuition is our assistant for higher guidance. This is our heart-felt inner knowing, and it is constantly flowing wisdom and guidance for us to maintain the most positive perspective we can allow for ourselves. We all have it. We just need to pay attention to it and choose to follow its guidance. It is what we really know. The truth is self-evident in how we feel about it. It’s always a choice between what is life-enhancing for all, and what is life-diminishing.

If we decide to be positive, we cannot be negative at the same time. This means that we either participate in the world of duality that is the human experience, or we transform ourselves by creating vibrations that result in our physical, mental and emotional processes, as well as our environment, becoming uplifting in every way. Because of our perspective, based in gratitude, joy, compassion, and love, we can have wonderful lives in every moment. Essentially, we can live in a parallel density, but in a higher dimension.

Negativity can exist only if we create it within ourselves, which we have done for eons. We have believed that it is inherent to the reality that we recognize. It is. Duality requires both positive and negative. It could not exist without the light, because light is the source of existence. It is our conscious life force. The negative consumes light and blocks its radiance, converting its energy into self-destructiveness. All of this may happen In subtle and even confusing ways for us, because it is different from the way we have learned to expect to experience life.

We have been fearful all the time, creating fearful experiences for ourselves. To be fearless is to know and trust our intuition absolutely. By following what we innately know, that stimulates us to feel gratitude and joy, we can trust that we’re aligned with the highest vibratory level. This is where the desires of our heart become clear. By following them, we enhance our lives in every way that we allow. With absolute confidence we can choose the energetics that we want to express within ourselves and radiate into the quantum field for manifestation among humanity.

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