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When Our Lives Feel Easy and Right

When our lives unfold easily, and we’re enjoying ourselves, it is because we have released our fears and are flowing in alignment with the energy of our essential Being. We are enhancing our experiences in alignment with Creator consciousness, as much as we allow. As we plan our lives, we can relax into knowing everything we need to know and do in every moment. We are the ones who determine the polarity and frequency of our vibrations in every situation, and we create the stress or ease of our experiences. When we are relaxed and at ease, even in otherwise stressful situations, we can be open and receptive to our intuitive knowing. When we allow ourselves to live completely intuitively, we create positive situations. We can have confidence that we always know how to interface with every situation, and how to create joy all around us, through the radiance of our state of being.

Stressful situations are creations of our ego-consciousness, and are based on negativity and fear on some level. Creations of the pure energy of the heart of our Being are always easy and joyous. By aligning with these vibrations, our lives become fulfilling in every way. When we realize that we are the creators of the qualities of energy all around and within us, we can realize how we feel about ourselves on a deep level. If we have stress in our life, it is because we are afraid of something.

Any fear is a result of our own imagining. Because fear is not present in Creator consciousness, we must create it for ourselves. The only way we could do this is to believe in our mortality, not knowing who we are in our essence. In order to realize that we are our presence of awareness beyond time and space, we must give up our attachments to personal limitations, by making intentional choices to do so. Then, in alignment with greater awareness, following up on resolving our fears whenever they arise.

When we no longer believe that we are mortal, because we have realized that we actually live multidimensionally, beyond duality and incarnation, we can truly enjoy being who we are, fully cared-for in every way, because we naturally create fulfillment all around and within. We are naturally brought opportunities and experiences that resonate with our state of being. When we are intentionally grateful, loving, compassionate and joyful, we attract experiences that elicit those feelings in us. As creators, it is our place to initiate the process by aligning with our heart energy and intuitive guidance.

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