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What Does It Mean to Be True to Our Self?

Being true to ourself depends upon which self we are asking about. We have our ego-consciousness. We have our subconscious self, which expresses itself through the conditions of our bodies. We also have our expanded Self, eternal and infinite, who is always without judgment behind our awareness. The ego is problematic, because it is who we think we are. The clue here is that the ego can live only in the polarity of fear. It consists of our limited beliefs about ourselves.

As we resolve and transcend beyond our limited beliefs, our ego disappears, because we know that we are infinitely powerful creators with our state of being in expanding conscious awareness. We can be radiant throughout our subconscious self, directing it to regenerate our bodies and being confident in our direction, when we are aligned with out intuition.

We can have incredible abilities, once we can be only positive. Until we are, we keep diminishing our life force to accommodate fear of termination of our consciousness. This can happen when we don’t know what consciousness is. To cure this, we usually have to face an imminently impending extreme trauma, when suddenly our awareness goes into a state of suspended animation, and we’re just going with the flow, not really connected with our bodies. Or we can just learn to meditate deeply and be able to experience conscious awareness beyond the body.

Beyond body-consciousness communicates to us that we are greater than our ego and draws us into seeking greater awareness. We can become aware of our attachments to our beliefs in limitation about ourselves, and we can examine them in the light of expanding consciousness. As we resolve our beliefs in limitation, our ego weakens, because there’s less to fear. Without fear, we can become sensitive to our intuition and learn to align with its vibrations.

Being able the resolve and transcend our attachments to limiting beliefs about ourselves happens when we can align with our intuitive knowing, and we can no longer believe that we are limited. Instead of paying attention to our ego-consciousness, which is always struggling to avoid suffering, we pay attention to our intuitive knowing, which provides everything we need. Once we are sensitive to how it feels in every moment, we can become Self-assured.

It is possible to penetrate our intuition deeper and deeper to reveal more intensity and greater diversity in subtle ways. If we keep seeking to expand our awareness into more positive and higher vibrations, they come into our awareness. When we are open and receptive to them, we can recognize them. When we can believe them to be real, they come into our empirical experience.

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May 22, 2022

Brilliant! 🌼

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