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What Can We Know

If we can imagine living in perfection, we are already beyond space-time. Within space-time is where our ego-consciousness lives. Here there cannot be perfection, because perfection is part of infinity. In our imagination we can align with our inner knowing. This knowing is part of our essence, and it has no glitches. It can carry us into realization of our eternal presence of limitless awareness. Imagination that is aligned with ego-consciousness cannot realize this. To transcend space-time, we can go within to our inner knowing and meditate upon it. The truth arises here. Our inner knowing is beyond words and thought. It is realization. It is how we know what is real beyond the empirical matrix of duality.

When we ask for true realization, and we intend to become aware of our inner knowing, we can take steps to develop inner sensitivity. We can learn to pay attention to the feelings that arise immediately in a split-second in any encounter. These are prompts about how to face the encounter. Whatever we feel after that is an ego-reaction. Our inner knowing arises from the conscious life force flowing through our heart. It is our connection with universal consciousness.

Whether our current world is a creation of human consciousness, or is a computerized matrix, we are participating in it, and we can realize our consciousness existing beyond the empirical experience. This is the way to mastery of human life. We can have absolute alignment with our subconscious self in the energy of our heart. We gain the ability to regenerate our bodies and to direct the quality of every encounter without limitation.

If we cannot imagine perfection, we are logically limited, while in our essence we are unlimited. We have given control of our awareness to our ego-consciousness, so that we could fully participate in the human experience. When we feel that we want to know more, to know beyond our mental, emotional, physical and psychic limitations, we can take the inner journey. It is a path unique to each of us, and is the most exciting journey of our lives. Along the way we learn how to live in the moment, while being in compassion and love. We create joy in the lives of those we interact with.

As we begin to realize a higher dimension of living, our awareness expands beyond the empirical matrix. By learning the secret of the power of unconditional love, we gain access to the dominant creative power in existence, because of its positive frequency and amplitude. It can destabilize negative vibrations and correct defects. It maintains its vibratory level in every moment and cannot be influenced by negativity. We can experience joy, abundance and freedom when we align with our inner knowing.

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