We have Friends in High Places

We can call in our guides, the great angelic Beings and ascended masters to sit with us and guide us into realization of our true Being. They await our anticipation and invitation. We have great resources available to us for the asking, but we must desire and request their presence for us. We can also ask our subconscious innate being to pay attention to the presence of higher Beings. Our innate consciousness is not as limited as our ego-consciousness. Once we ask, the higher beings are instantly present, even if we don’t realize it, and we can open ourselves to their guidance through our intuition.

We can feel ourselves expanding beyond our ego-consciousness into the realm of unlimited love and beauty. Our guides can carry us into positive polarity. We can know with confidence when we are holding the energy of joy and life-enhancing feelings. We can call these up with our intentional direction, and we can choose to align ourselves with them. We can imagine that these positive energies are always present for us in every situation and in every person and being that we encounter, including those in other dimensions.

In our imagination and realization, we are unlimited as far as we are willing to go. We set our own limits, and we can dissolve them at will. We can be willing to live in the moment, guided entirely by our intuition. If we can develop deep sensitivity to our intuitive guidance, we can be confident in every moment, expecting experiences of living in love, compassion, abundance and joy. These are all choices on our part. In every moment we choose the polarity and level of vibration for our state of being.

If we can stop reacting in ego-consciousness to our life circumstances, and instead choose to be creative in loving and joyous ways, we can transform our lives. We can practice being present in awareness as much as possible, without any judgment, cravings, doubt or fear. Just being neutral mentally and emotionally, we can be confident that we are fully cared-for in every way. We can rise to every occasion in creatively loving ways. As we become confident in our presence of Being, we can expand our awareness into our true Self with unlimited abilities of loving, joyous and creative living. If we pay attention and keep being in gratitude and anticipation, this is where our higher-dimensional friends can guide us to.

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