We Are the Force of Light on This Planet

Eons ago we, the human species, planned, designed and manifested the empirical world of duality in order to expand universal consciousness into a realm that had been impossible to experience as beings of eternal, infinite awareness. We designed a realm where we could realistically experience a feeling of separation from our true Being. Since that time, we’ve been through the entire spectrum of duality, collecting a myriad of negative experiences, as well as wonderfully sensuous experiences. We got so entranced in this realm, that we’ve allowed ourselves to become enslaved to negativity in fear, doubt and much suffering. Now our species consciousness has decided that it’s time to awaken to our true Being and move beyond the limitations of empirical duality, in alignment with our entire galactic congregation.

There is a leading portion of humanity who have become aware of what is happening on a galactic level and are raising the vibrations of humanity, so that all may become aware of our greater reality. Those of us who have remembered experiences beyond the physical body have awareness of our limitless consciousness and boundless possibilities of expression in unconditional love and joy. By intentionally living in the level of vibration of these realizations, we are radiating silent and powerful energetics throughout all of humanity, and we are having a dramatic effect.

Because we are all individualized conscious beings, each of us must come into our own realization of the truth of our Being. Even though we are part of a group consciousness of an entire species, we are also individuals, and we have our own realization of our own reality. Each of us has our innate way of realizing our reality, and it comes through our inner knowing. When we begin to search within for this awareness, we can begin to notice that everything in our lives is symbolic of our state of consciousness. It is all waiting for us to be in love, gratitude and joy for all of it. When we do this, the negative polarity that we’ve been oriented to shifts to positive, and everything changes in our experience.

Our breath becomes deeper and more resonant with greater consciousness. Our presence becomes confident and powerful. Our stature becomes more erect and beautiful. Our poverty becomes abundance. Our physical defects become vibrant health. Our ignorance becomes brilliant awareness. Our enslavement becomes freedom and sovereignty. This all takes practice and dedication to making the necessary changes in our personal awareness, and this is the miraculous path to higher consciousness and awareness of our true Being.

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