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We Are Energetic Transformers

For eons humans have lived without knowing our true nature and capabilities. We have believed that we are separate individuals with our own private consciousness, limited abilities, and dependence upon society for our nourishment and well-being. We have believed that we are physically subject to threats, suffering, intimidation and termination, not knowing that all of this is created in our own perspective and belief system. We’ve had numerous spiritual masters who taught us that our fears are all imaginary. Now we also have quantum physicists, who have reported that consciousness is infinite, and that the physical world is actually an energetic expression of consciousness. The empirical world is actually composed of swirling subatomic entities of living light. Everything is conscious and participates in universal consciousness according to its self-identity.

We are no different. We participate in universal consciousness according to our Self-Realization, which can be infinite, but has been limited for eons by our beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs are deeply-set in our personal awareness and can be nearly impossible to transcend, unless we are powerfully motivated to know our true essence. Now the rising cosmic vibratory environment is prompting all of us to become aware of our potential. Our accustomed way of life is being destabilized and is dissolving and transforming into a higher dimension of increasing light and beauty. Although it is still possible for us to choose to remain in the grip of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our planet and all who choose to ascend are in the process of transformation. It is being accelerated by increasingly powerful gamma ray photons and neutrinos from the center of our galaxy. As the constituent conscious subatomic entities comprising our bodies gain vitality, our cells and organs begin to regenerate.

All of this may be happening without our conscious awareness, but we can contribute to the magnitude of this transformation by opening our awareness to the intuitive knowing within the consciousness of our heart through our intuition. By directing our awareness to what we deeply know without any outward proof, we can imagine living in gratitude, love and joy. These vibratory patterns align us with the life-enhancing energetic expression of our heart-consciousness and guide us beyond our limiting beliefs.

At some point, we can realize that consciousness is expressing itself energetically everywhere and in everything, and that our ability to recognize the energetic patterns brings them into our thoughts and emotions. By using our imagination and feelings intentionally, we can transform negativity into positivity or dissolve it by holding our attention on the intuitive guidance of our heart-consciousness. By our nature we are the transformers. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly creating the qualities of our lives and contributing to the consciousness of humanity and beyond. Now we are being invited to do this intentionally.

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