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Using the Power of Our Realization

When we no longer engage with negativity, we stop giving it our life force through our realization of its reality. This frees us from its grip on us, while we feel enhanced by the surge in our life force, strengthening our personal radiance and brightening our essence. We can pay attention to all things positive, beginning with gratitude for our eternal presence of awareness. On this level beyond time and space, we live in ecstasy and complete fulfillment. We have been in this state of Being, and we can remember it, when we penetrate our consciousness.

At the same time, we can be aware of everything that is occurring around us in the time/space continuum. We can choose to participate in a positive way, with compassion and love, when we are personally faced with residue from our past dualistic state of consciousness. By maintaining a focus on the energy of our heart and realizing its reality, we radiate its loving, life-enhancing energy into the quantum field, drawing the energies of peace, unity and abundance into our environment.

By failing to engage actively with negativity, we allow it to dissolve from our experience into another dimension. From the ego-consciousness perspective, this is impossible. The ego does not recognize that we create our reality by our own realization. We are constantly creating our experiences by our realization of their reality. Realization in our awareness fills our thoughts and emotions, radiating these energetic patterns throughout universal consciousness and drawing our empirical experiences into alignment with our state of being, our level of vibration.

We can learn how to utilize our power of realization in transforming ourselves and all of humanity. In this process, we can use our imagination and our ability to call up emotions. Imagining ourselves as Beings of radiant light and feeling the presence of others as beings of radiant light, we can develop the ability to realize the reality of this scenario. We have experienced it prior to our incarnation, and we can remember it, when we intentionally penetrate our consciousness. We can expand our awareness through directing and aligning our creative power of realization with our attention to the energetic level of our heart.

We live in the turning of the ages, and the energetic environment on our planet is shifting into a higher dimension. Humanity must make this shift into a realm beyond duality. The negative is dissolving as we replace it with our realization of a life-enhancing world. This is the shift we are making, and it is invigorating the Earth and regenerating everything.

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