Using Quantum Energetics for Transformation

Because everything in our experience is energy in its myriad patterns and frequencies, we can train ourselves to be sensitive to the polarity and vibratory level in our awareness in every moment. Whenever we feel the negative polarity of fear, we feel threatened. This is part of our experience in the realm of duality. How we react to it is important. Do we believe that we want to resist it, accept it or transform it? Resisting it gives it reality for us, but we are engaging it on its own level and feeding it our life force through our alignment with its polarity. If we accept it, we acknowledge its reality for humanity, but we do not need to engage with it or give it our life force. Then we can transform it in our personal experience by being in a positive state of compassion and joy.

When we are thoroughly focused on being filled with light, love and joy, we are not subject to negative energy patterns. They may be present all around us, but they cannot enter our personal conscious presence without our permission. Everything in existence requires conscious creative support, which flows from the unconditionally loving essence of the Creator, and, in our experience, through us. We are fractals of the universal consciousness of the Creator, and we have the free will and the ability to modulate energetic patterns into both positive and negative polarity expressions through our state of being in our thoughts and emotions, which we can learn to control.

Although we are part of humanity, and humanity holds the world of duality in conscious awareness, we have the free will ability to have our own experiences. When we identify only with positive vibrations, and we radiate kindness and life-enhancing thoughts and feelings to everyone and everything, we gain the ability to transform all of the energetic patterns that we encounter into alignment with the universal consciousness of the Creator. We cannot change the polarity of other beings, unless they want to align with us, but we can offer them support to be in joy with us.

When we are in a positive vibratory state of compassionate understanding, we can claim our personal sovereignty and exemption from negative influences. We can be aware of ourselves as being pure unlimited, present awareness, expressing the life-stream of Creator consciousness in beauty and freedom through our physical embodiment. In this way we can transform and elevate all life on our planet.

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