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Using Imagination for Creative Realization

Using Imagination for Creative Realization


The physical world that we live in is a play in consciousness with one another and with all of the entities that constitute our world. It is all imaginary on the quantum level. Our experiences originate in our conscious awareness as a result of our paying attention to the energetic patterns that we imagine are real. Our realizations create our reality. Because we all participate in human consciousness, we construct similar realities with one another.


To create the experience of peace throughout the world, we can intentionally imagine how humanity would be with peace and harmony everywhere. Our attention and alignment imbue this vision with our life force, creating its manifestation. As many of us create this vision, it gains telepathic power and recognition within human consciousness, first to those who hold the same vision and then to those who are sensitive to it and can align with its energetic patterns.


Although we are given a script to follow in the trance of the human play, we can change it by changing our realization and what we pay attention to. How we think and feel about ourselves, in light of what is true for us, can allow us to realize a new world or block it from our awareness. It depends on whether we are willing to be objectively involved as an observer from beyond without an agenda. We can participate in every experience in whatever state of being we choose. By always looking for the light in every experience, we become aware that what makes us feel best is what enhances all life.


By opening our awareness to the presence of love and joy everywhere and always, we enable ourselves to see the light in everyone and everything, including those filled with fear and anger. Life-diminishing and destructive energies cannot attach themselves to us unless we recognize them as real and engage with their energetic patterns. This is a game in consciousness that we are playing, and we can learn to control our imagination and attention from an objective perspective, while fully participating and realizing that we can create and transform our roles in the game.


We are the creators and transformers. We don’t have to depend on any specific person or event to experience what we want to create. We just have to use our imagination to feel ourselves living in our most deeply-desired vision. After that, we must do what we’re called on to contribute, and the energies that manifest our desires will be attracted to us and manifest as our experiences, provided we have clarity in confidence and love for our creation. We need only to know our vision and receive our creation with gratitude.

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