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Understanding Unconditional Love

The ancient Greeks recognized three different kinds of love. One was erotic love based on sexual attraction and the desire to create more lives. It is part of our ego-consciousness. Another was the love between friends and family based on mutual interests and genetic connections. This is also part of our ego-consciousness. The third was called agape, often known as spiritual love, which transcends personal interests and is based on our divine essence. This is unconditional love. It is not an emotion or feeling; rather, it is a state of being or a level of conscious vibration that enhances all of life. On an emotional level, it is related to joy, compassion and gratitude.

Unconditional love is a conscious sharing of our life force. It is based on deeply knowing our unlimited Source of life in our eternal presence of Self-awareness. It is knowing that we are all the same Being, expressing Itself as each of us. All conscious beings exist in the universal consciousness of the Creator of everyone and everything. In our essence, we are the Creator. We are fractals, fully endowed to create universes. This is all part of unconditional love, which expresses the essence of the Creator.

Because we have free choice, we can create anything that we desire to experience. When we desire to be in a state of unconditional love, we can open ourselves to knowing and feeling the presence of the Conscious Creator enveloping us and feeding us an infinite stream of creative life force for us to create more experiences that inspire and uplift all conscious beings, while enhancing our own lives as well.

Even evil people are expressions of unconditional love in their essential being. To their own detriment, however, they have used their free choice to align with and create life-diminishing experiences. As a result, we can have deeper compassion for all who experience negative polarity. We can recognize the divine origin of the dark ones and be compassionate for their energetic sacrifice, cutting themselves off from their life force and their experience of unconditional love. To make up for this, they steal life force from others through psychopathic relationships, but they cannot steal unconditional love.

As divine Beings, we feel most comfortable in the state of unconditional love. Our intuition is our guidance that keeps us at this level of energetics. Intuition is the communication of unconditional love through our own aspects of awareness. Opening ourselves to our intuitive knowing is an intentional act and is how we can transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

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