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Understanding Our Potential as Creators

Let’s begin with our consciousness. From quantum physics experiments, we know that consciousness is universal. It is everywhere and always and is the creative essence of everything. In our essence we arise within universal consciousness. It is the essence of our life and our awareness. Although it is beyond explanation, we know what it is. We are all fractals of it, sharing its essence within and beyond time/space. In this incarnation we are expressing our consciousness as our personal identity and physical presence, but this is only one of possibly an infinite number of expressions.

From our observation of the workings of nature, we may understand how all life forms are constantly renewing themselves, and life keeps expanding. As expressions of Creator consciousness, we have the freedom to express ourselves however we desire, and in our essence we have access to the infinite creative power of universal consciousness. Just by our being present, we are creating patterns of energy by our thoughts and emotions. We can choose their quality, their polarity and vibratory frequency. These energetic patterns create an electromagnetic vortex around us and attract resonating experiences.

In this way we create experiences for ourselves. Every experience we’ve ever had was formed by the vibratory qualities of our personal energetics. We have chosen our current situation, or we wouldn’t be here, because in our essence we are sovereign Beings. We each have our personal presence of awareness with the choice of expressing ourselves however we want. How we feel about ourselves in any moment, whether it is in reaction to something or initiating a positive or negative feeling, affects our energetic signature and attracts compatible energies.

If we can align our thoughts and feelings with the life-enhancing vibrations of nature as expressed by the Spirit of the Earth, we can create life-enhancing scenarios in our imagination and can open ourselves to our heart-consciousness in gratitude and joy. We can open our awareness to the loving light in every person and circumstance and interact in compassion and acceptance. This state of being attracts experiences that are positive and heart-felt.

As expressions of universal consciousness, we have the ability to create any quality of experience. As we become mentally and emotionally clear and aligned with our heart-consciousness, we create beauty and joy throughout our experiences and encounters. We can create whatever we imagine enhances and expands all life everywhere. We are eternal and infinite in our presence of awareness within universal consciousness, sharing infinite love with all conscious beings.

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