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Understanding Our Multi-Dimensionality

There is an infinite number of space/time dimensions and beyond. The entire experience and awareness of each of us is unique to our own perspective and belief system. They are our boundaries within universal consciousness. They define the energetic spectrum of our reality. As we use our imagination and emotions, we continually change dimensions. When we are unaware that we are constant creators and are stepping from one dimension to another, we do not believe in miracles. When we create something extraordinary that appears to be a miracle, we do not change anything, but because the energetics are not in alignment, we move into a dimension where the energetics match. Usually this would be essentially identical to the dimension we just left, and those who are present energetically align with some aspect of ourselves, including the miracles. They are not miracles in this dimension. They are part its unique timeline.

According to our vibrations, we change dimensions from moment to moment, which changes our experience of reality. In the timeline that excludes the miracle, our limiting beliefs restrict our awareness. Skepticism is needed when relying on ego-consciousness, but it disables our creative awareness and limits our experience. Our true knowing is our creative power. It comes to us in our seeking it. It is a paradox that the ego does not understand. We can have our miracles only when we realize that we already have them. This is how we transform our experiences. We change timelines and dimensions, and we can live with miracles.

We are creators of our experiences, which we share with all other conscious beings, who also participate in universal consciousness. We are free to create whatever we want, provided that we do not limit ourselves, but we have gone to great lengths to limit ourselves, and we have not realized what we have done to ourselves. If we have any fear of the unknown or doubt about our capabilities, we are keeping ourselves from knowing the unconditional love and fulfilling energies that we can align with.

Everything is as it should be in every dimension, and we do not change anything. We can transform our experience by recognizing the reality that we choose and realizing that it is real. We do this by changing to a timeline that expresses the reality that we recognize. This is a complex process, but we do it all the time. Our reality is what we realize it is. For each of us, this may be different in some way, depending on our own perceptive ability and perspective.

The lesson here is that we are free, sovereign Beings, able to create whatever reality we want in whatever timeline and dimension we recognize as real. This is what we do, and it’s time to realize it. We’ve been sleep-walking through life, not knowing how we’re creating it as we go along. When we decide that fear, doubt and anger have served their purpose, we can recognize our limiting beliefs and resolve them, by realizing that they are self-imposed and have become undesirable. We know what they are. We can resolve them and release them, opening our awareness to our multi-dimensional, infinite essence and creative ability.

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