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Understanding Our Lives as Metaphors

When realized from an expanded perspective, our lives are constantly guided toward a more heart-felt expression of ourselves. When we’re in tune with our true essence, we flow through life easily, but when we veer too far off course, we struggle against our innate energy. Sometimes we’re so unaware, that we need a major event to shake us awake. Everything in our lives has a symbolic meaning for us to realize. When that meaning is of great importance, and we’re not getting it, we face great tragedy, making it impossible to continue as we have been.

Every message to us is all around us, waiting for us to realize its meaning. If we understand our lives as symbolic, with much deeper meaning than we have realized, we can search for that meaning everywhere. When we search for it, it comes to us through the energy of the heart of our Being, our own inner knowing, and it encompasses our entire awareness. It is the dawning of our realization of who we really are and what we’re doing here.

We are not mere humans as we have thought of our species. Humanity is our current personal expression, but we are so much more. Each of us has to know this for ourselves. It happens when we’re open to it and receptive without limits. Our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves have kept us from realizing our expanded reality. By practicing being focused with our attention, we can control our thoughts and emotions so that we can be present in awareness in every moment. In this state of being, we can be open and receptive to our inner realization.

No longer do we need to entertain anxiety in our ego-consciousness, because our natural flow is easy. Our gratitude keeps us aligned with our intuition. Gratitude has an energetic level that attracts resonating energetic patterns that we realize as our wonderful experiences. Once we enter this path, and until we are completely transformed, we will experience the results of our miss-directions. If we’re strongly attached to a limiting belief, we may encounter a great challenge that requires a new perspective. If we can accept this, the way is made clear for us to proceed through our transformation leading to our realization of eternal, infinite presence of awareness in unconditional love and joy beyond and including our human consciousness, and with infinite creative ability.

We are a species with this potential level of consciousness. We can learn to open ourselves to its reality by developing acute sensitivity to our inner realization. In this state of Being, we allow ourselves to be guided by everything around us and within. We are not required to participate in negative experiences at their energetic level. When we can maintain alignment with gratitude, we are beyond the influence of negativity, and our experiences align with our energetic state of Being.

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