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Understanding and Transforming Our Limitations

Although we have been taught that we are imperfect in so many ways, this understanding is actually a matter of choice on our part. We have absolute control over the quality of our being by our energetic orientation and vibratory level. It is how we imagine ourselves to be. We know the quality of our consciousness by how we feel about ourselves, and we have a wide range of options available to us.

When we are young and impressionable, just learning to adjust to life as humans on this planet, we have little defense against accepting limiting beliefs that enslave us to those who desire to control us, but the galactic energies are now becoming more positive and elevating in every way. We are being prompted to question our limiting beliefs about ourselves and to choose freedom and fulfillment, instead living under duress.

Our human perspective is the belief and appearance that we are separate individuals, conceived and birthed to be vulnerable to suffering and termination; yet we have achieved a technological capability that has enabled us to determine that this belief and appearance are tricks that we play on ourselves. When we examine our reality in the most minute ways, down to subatomic waves and particles, we find that our material world consists entirely of electromagnetic waves of energy with patterns of polarity, frequencies and amplitude. What seems solid is nothing more than our conscious interpretation of these energetic patterns. We can perceive them with our senses, feel them with our emotions and imagine them with our thoughts.

What has become clear for us is that we are not physical bodies; rather, we are conscious entities in a sea of many other conscious entities, all arising within a greater consciousness that provides the life force for us all to express the essential qualities of the Being whose consciousness we live within. Those qualities are our personal awareness and our ability to know the essence of our Creator and to create experiences for the greater enjoyment and enhancement of all conscious beings.

With our technology, we have determined that everything that exists has conscious awareness of its own being. As fractals of the Creator, we have the potential awareness of the entire consciousness of everyone and everything. Many of us have experienced this and know it is true. It is only our limiting beliefs about ourselves that maintain a veil of unknowing in our awareness. These beliefs are self-imposed, as a result of our early training and programming, making it possible for us to resolve and transcend them through our awareness of the presence of the Creator in our own intuition. By practicing what we can imagine and feel in ourselves as the greatest love and joy of the essence of our Creator, we can sensitize ourselves to our intuitive feelings and awareness.

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