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Understanding and Expanding Our Humanity

Our beliefs are incredibly powerful, and they are the governing factors of our lives. Even though they are seated deeply in our subconscious, they can be entirely under the control of our conscious choice. We may have to use our imagination at first to get ourselves into a calm and loving space. Unless we know our true essence, we cannot master the human dimension. Our essence is our potentially infinite presence of awareness.

Our consciousness exists beyond time and space. We are the real masters of time and space, but only if we allow ourselves to be. If we can trust ourselves absolutely to be who we truly want to be, we can know our infinite intuition, and we can transcend the entire human situation in favor of a greater realization of our access to the quantum field of all potentialities. This gives us the ability to modulate the energy that creates time and space. This ability must come into our awareness, and we must direct it with our attention and emotions in alignment with our true intuitive knowing. This is how we come to trust ourselves.

All beliefs are false, because they are all limiting our greater realization and expression. From a limited perspective, we cannot allow awareness of our non-local, infinite conscious essence. It is beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. While we are beginning to realize the truth of our eternal expansiveness, we can still be subject to doubt about our creative ability. Doubt makes us vulnerable to incursions of negative energy into our experience, because it aligns our polarity with negativity, disabling our life-enhancing creativity, while creating life-diminishing energetics.

Doubt is our creation. In order to have doubt, we must have fear and the belief that we can be terminated. Beliefs create situations that confirm their existence. This is our challenge, and we will continue to have doubt and fear until we can trust that we know our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative power in alignment with the vibratory patterns of our heart-consciousness. We are the creators of the qualities of our experiences, and our reactions create further experiences.

At some point, we can realize that human life is a play of consciousness with meaningful experiences. These are designed to show us our own energetic expressions and how they feel to those around us. Because human life is a play of consciousness, we can learn to direct our experiences in ways that create and enhance all life in alignment with the consciousness that creates everything, and which we are part of. Once we realize this, time and space become our medium of expression.

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