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Transitioning with Earth-Consciousness

As long as we believe that we are subject to negativity, we give our life force to enable its existence for us. Every aspect of our lives has been diminished by the negative polarity of dualistic empiricism, always ending in self-destruction through belief in personal disintegration and mortality.

When we can realize how our nature is creative, we can direct our attention to the kind of life we love, and that is supportive of all life in every way. We are the creators of our state of being in every moment. By our choice of attention and energetic alignment, we can create experiences of gratitude, joy and love. When we live in those vibrations, we align with the creative consciousness of the Creator of all. We are expressions within universal consciousness.

We are participants in universal consciousness, although we have limited a portion of consciousness to our awareness, it is our choice to create and manage our limitations. Without them, we can realize our clear, eternal presence of infinite awareness. It is as if we are TV channels that can tune ourselves to our choice of channels. Humanity is generally attuned to only one channel, but there are hundreds of other channels to attune to. These are dimensions of reality for us. Our reality is created by our realization of what we imagine we are experiencing. This is the reason the same experience can be experienced differently by everyone present. It is also the reason that using our creative visions and believing in them is using the same creative ability that arises in our reaction to physical experiences.

The energy of our galaxy and the Earth is now positive and moving into pure life-enhancement for all conscious beings. The humans who are primarily negatively-oriented are becoming unstable and insane. This is evident in our leaders, who have been parasites on us, in need of our conscious life force for their presence in our experience. Every inhabitant on this planet must adjust to positive vibrations in order to continue to live here. This process may take a few years, and it may happen very soon. There are now enough enlightened humans to shift the boundaries of the consciousness of humanity into a higher dimension of our reality.

We can have access to more dimensions in our awareness by recognizing them, realizing what they are, and using our attention to resonate with their vibrations. We can become aware of them by imagining what they feel like and being receptive to the feelings in our awareness. With our power of free choice in how we feel, we can choose our energetic alignment and expect our experiences to reflect that energy.

Source: Kenneth Schmitt The 4th volume is now published and is available at the links on the book page of this website.

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