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Transitioning through the Precession of the Equinoxes

As we transition from one 25,920-year era to the next, we are facing a shift in consciousness that is more massive than almost any of us can imagine. We have been thoroughly trained to accept and even embrace negativity in every area of life. Facing life without negative control is cause for great celebration and rejoicing, but how can we know that we have been freed from negative control, especially when most of the media continues to announce even greater limitations to our freedom? How can we know that those limitations and the tyranny that they arise out of are no longer powerful?

As with transcending all limitations, freedom comes through realizing the energetic influence of our heart-consciousness. This is the only stimulation in our world that is real. It is our intuitive knowing. The energies of this transition are subtle still, but the trend that is emerging is becoming unmistakable for those who are sensitive. The goodness, the regeneration and the richness of life that we are entering energetically is so profound, that it is changing every aspect of our lives. The Earth is being renewed, and human abuse of nature is ending. All is being purified and returning to its divine design.

No longer are we being forced to work as slaves to negativity in jobs we do not want or to invest in projects that negatively impact others and other life forms. Our hearts are prompting us to pay attention to our inner guidance and to recognize the abundance that is becoming available for us to participate in the renewal of life. We are incredibly expansive Beings, having unlimited creative powers that we can realize, once we are able to trust ourselves implicitly. The timeline of focusing on our ego-consciousness to guide us through life is not our only choice. We have the option of expanded consciousness by opening our awareness to the higher energies in our conscious essence coming through our higher chakras.

While experiencing everything that is happening around us, we can practice inner awareness. Our heart has only acceptance, compassion and support through the conscious life force that constantly enlivens us. If we can align with this energy, even in the face of outer drama and threats to our well-being, we are protected and empowered in Light and Love. This is not casual energy, and the desires of our heart are not frivolous. Our essential energy is powerful and life-sustaining and enhancing. When we initiate the process of transcendence, we can stand tall and be confident in the unconditional love that flows through us from universal consciousness and enables us to live miraculous lives in gratitude and joy. This is our destiny and is the quality inherent in the new era of human history.

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Jan 10, 2023

“This is our destiny and is the quality inherent in the new era of human history.” So beautiful! Hopeful! So full of light and love, your words are always a healing balm, which I come back to daily! It brings me into a joyous state and a high vibration that resonates me and resonates with me! 🦋

Jan 12, 2023
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