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Transforming Time and Space

In the empirical world of time and space, space is 3-dimensional and time is linear in 2 dimensions. Because everything that exists is an expression of consciousness, we create our realization of time and space in our own consciousness. In our experience, it does not exist outside of our consciousness. We can change our realization of time and space, which will change it in our experience. The next step in the ultimate realization of infinite awareness, is a different idea of time and space.

There is a realm of experience that has been created in the conscious realization of humanity where every experience is constantly instantaneous for us, depending on our energetic alignment. Everything is possible. Space is less dense than in the empirical world and more striking in illumination and in feelings of life-enhancement. Everything feels really good physically and emotionally. The air is more fluid. The water is lighter and brighter. Love and joy fill each moment. The air and the water caress our bodies in pleasure. Life is fulfilling in every way. Creation and experiencing are instantaneous in constant alignment with our mental and emotional processes.

Moving beyond the limitations of our mental processes, we can enter a realm of knowing. Instead of feeling separated from everyone we can enjoy telepathic union and empathic sharing. Being constantly aware of our intuitive knowing, and following what we know, we can be masters of our lives. In the deepest knowing of our heart-consciousness, every aspect of our bodies speaks to us, giving us guidance that carries us into a life filled with joy and beauty. Everything in our experience is calling us to greater awareness of our true essence.

As we learn to pay attention to our inner knowing in the consciousness of our heart, we gain confidence that it is always true. All of our encounters become symbolic forms of communication from within, enhancing our awareness. The qualities of all of this depend upon the energetic resonance of our attention.

At any time we can enter an expanded energetic spectrum in our awareness by our intention. A higher-vibratory realm of experience already exists in the quantum field, which envelops us. It only requires our recognition and realization through our imaginary and emotional vibratory alignment with the consciousness of the heart of our Being. In deepest gratitude, love and joy, we create its reality in our experience, as we align ourselves with the Consciousness of the Creator.

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Fabulous! Thank you!

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