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Transforming the World of Our Experience

Within the space/time continuum, it is possible for us to choose to align with vibrations that give us more vitality and exuberance for life. To do this successfully, it can be helpful to be aware of the source of our conscious life force within ourselves. This we may identify as our heart-consciousness, expressing Creator consciousness through all of the energy centers in our body and etheric presence. This is our natural way of Being. Except for our intention and openness, we do not need effort to feel and live in our natural vibrations. These are natural for us beyond our time/space enclosure as well as within it. Through the natural vibrations of our heart-consciousness, we receive and radiate the energies of abundance, joy, freedom and love. When we allow ourselves the experience of these vibrations, we are aligning with our true essence of infinite consciousness.

By aligning with our Source vibrations, we no longer experience negativity, which stimulates our feelings as fear. When we no longer align with it, fear no longer exists for us, because it needs us to create it for ourselves. By following our intuition, we are no longer subject to conditions that stimulate fear, because they are in a different, parallel dimension that we do not need to engage with, even though we may be aware of it. Without emotionally interacting with it, we do not give it our life-force, making it unreal for ourselves. In order for us to experience this kind of alignment, we must release all doubt about our abilities and replace it with continuous confidence, gratitude, joy and love, our natural state of Being.

Making the transition from a life of ego-consciousness struggling to survive, to a life of gratitude, joy, love and abundance, requires transformation of awareness. It requires confidence and trust in our heart-consciousness and intuitive knowing, which comes to us as realization. Through our realization, we create our reality, subject to any limiting beliefs about ourselves. As we learn to trust ourselves to enhance the energy within and all around us in alignment with our heart-consciousness, we empower our creative visions and feelings. Once we are able to command every situation within ourselves, we can become energy transformers and shapers of our reality.

To transform negative energy patterns in the world of human experience, we can change the energy within ourselves. By seeing the light in any negative person or circumstance, we allow the negativity to become unstable and dissolve. We can modulate the energies in our thoughts and feelings into alignment with heart-consciousness. By transforming our own awareness and energetic alignment, we transform the world of our experience.

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Apr 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So beautifully written, so very helpful in understanding ourselves in relation to the world! 🌍 I feel very blessed to read your words everyday which are always so healing! 🦋

Apr 16, 2023
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