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Transforming Ourselves with Our Bodies

To progress toward Self-fulfillment, we may want to learn to interact lovingly with our subconscious self. It is the part of us that is our faithful servant in providing everything we command with our vibrations to arise in our bodies. It is our body consciousness, directing every life process in all of our cells, so that our bodies resonate harmoniously with the vibrations of our state of being. If we are only positive, our subconscious will adapt and remove the negative defects in our bodies.

Our physical defects are symbolic messages to us, asking us to become aware of the negative energies that we have adopted. As we examine any parts of us where we feel any amount of fear or doubt, we need to be objectively honest with ourselves and accept what we feel. Do these energies benefit us in any way, apart from fear of a negative outcome? Anything that does not resonate with our heart-energy is a defect in our auric field. With continuing personal monitoring, we can discover our spiritual lessons and choose to transform their causes by bringing our vibrations into alignment with our heart’s intuition. This is where we can understand and know our situation and receive higher guidance. It is all within our own consciousness.

Being pure of heart, and having deductive reasoning ability, our subconscious does not understand us, because of our inductive abilities, but it can read our energetic polarity and vibratory level, and this is what manifests in our bodies. There are many things we can do to correct the causes of our problems. One of the most powerful is past-life regressions. Taken all together, our personal defects and limiting beliefs about ourselves are all under examination. If we are aware of the quality of these energies, we can transform them into positive, life-enhancing scenarios, allowing our subconscious self to align with our heart in every moment and to perfect our bodies.

By caring to communicate with our deeper self, we can express our gratitude and love for our perfect body, while imagining ourselves being how we desire. By practicing this every day, and being aware of our energetic state of being, we can come into alignment with our higher knowing. Our entire being can come into alignment with universal consciousness through our intuition.

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