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Transforming Ourselves in Our Daily Lives

When we each think of ourself and how we feel about ourself, we are realizing the expressions of our energy signature. This is how we believe we are and how we express our perspective. We can realize that every aspect of our body and personality have qualities that we can control. These qualities have energetic patterns that we can modulate as we choose through the focus of our attention and our mental and emotional abilities. By using our imagination to create wonderful and inspiring visions of inner light in every situation, we can learn to transform ourselves into the beings that we truly want to be, and our inner-light awareness becomes real.

If we find that all of our needs and wants have been fulfilled and continue to be fulfilled, we gain the freedom to live in the energies that we most love and value. We can teach ourselves how to do this by paying attention to the conscious life force that comes to us through our heart-consciousness. This can be the most energizing awareness in every moment, while we also live our lives in society. Once we decide to pay attention within ourselves to what we truly know and feel about our infinite presence of awareness, our conscious expansion can become infinite.

We know scientifically and intuitively that there is a universal consciousness that creates everything and everyone constantly in every moment. Everything in the physical world consists of swirling patterns of light-energy, appearing as subatomic entity-particles, comprising atoms and molecules and on up to the entire structure. Everything is energy that is held in form as an expression of universal consciousness. We are expressions within this constantly-creative and lovingly-directed consciousness. We are the creators of new experiences just by our nature and how we think and feel about ourselves.

Our thoughts and feelings about ourselves are the creators of our personality and physical presence. When we learn to control our attention and what we choose to be aware of, we can change our akashic history and our present circumstances by realizing the nature of our presence in every situation. We can pay attention to our heart-consciousness for moment-to-moment prompting, and we can live with confidence that we always know how best to be in every moment.

Our attention is ours to direct wherever we want. If we want to realize the spark of conscious life force in everyone we encounter, this realization will arise within us. It is present in our heart-consciousness, along with everything that we could ever truly want to experience, waiting for our realization.

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