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Transforming Ourselves in Alignment with Our True Being

Quantum physicists have shown that there is a universal consciousness, and that it is the creative source of everyone and everything that exists. It is inferred that this is the consciousness of the Being that we may call the Creator. Everything exists within the consciousness of the Creator, including us. It is further inferred that our consciousness is the consciousness of the Creator. Logically, there is no other possibility. If the consciousness of the Creator creates and envelops everything, there is nothing outside of it. We cannot exist apart from Creator consciousness. This means that our awareness dwells within Creator consciousness.

Because we exist within universal consciousness, we share in the entirety of it in our potential awareness and creative ability. We are fractals of the Creator, identical in every way, flowing seamlessly and mathematically perfectly throughout the cosmos, like an MC Escher drawing. Because we each have the ability to create and destroy by virtue of our free will within the realm of duality, we have agreed to operate subject to our own doubts about our identity. We keep ourselves from realizing our true creative and destructive ability. If we decide to become life-diminishing, we close ourselves off to our conscious life force and must become parasitic on others. We see this throughout our society.

Because of the powerful influx of light enveloping the Earth at this time, and the rising, life-enhancing vibratory resonance of Gaia, parasites are becoming desperate and even insane. They need to feed on our life force, which they do through eliciting energies in us that are compatible with their own in fear and negative polarity. We can make ourselves immune to them by being only on the vibratory level of kindness and compassion.

In our true nature, we are only positive in unconditional love and life-enhancing intentions. These are qualities of the universal Creator consciousness. As we train ourselves to be always only positive, we begin to trust ourselves to be true to the life-enhancing creative energy of universal consciousness. Without a negative orientation based in doubt and fear, we no longer cancel out our positive creative intentions, and we open ourselves to experiencing joy, freedom and abundance. We no longer need to participate in the chaos and suffering that appear to be occurring around us. In our own lives, we can experience the most powerful creative force of the unconditional love of universal Creator consciousness.

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Jun 06, 2022

They sure are in a world riddled with fear porn!


Jun 05, 2022

Brilliant! 🌻

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