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Transforming Our Personal Energy Signature

In order to be the masters of our lives, we can learn to disengage from negative energies in our own psyche and transform our vibrations into love and compassion. Because we share in the consciousness that creates and envelops universes, our primary concern is our own consciousness. If we dislike someone or some circumstance, we can transform the energy that we perceive by transforming ourselves.

We are channels of the conscious life force arising from the Source of our life. We are endowed with awareness able to control and direct our thoughts and emotions. Through practice, we can achieve this. We are also endowed with a conscious connection to the energy of our Creator. Once we have resolved our attachments to limited, negative beliefs about ourselves, we can align with any level of energy that we choose. We can recognize divine energy and choose to align ourselves with it. Our negative beliefs have kept us from realizing the positive vibratory levels of our Source energy, which is at the level of joyful ecstasy in Self-Realization and creative power. In this state we are able to play freely in any way that aligns with the energy of our heart. By maintaining this focus, we are able to realize ourselves as pure conscious presence of expansive awareness, having our own state of Being and energy signature.

We can pay attention to anyone and anything we choose. By choosing our polarity and vibratory level, we determine the quality of our personal experiences. Although we live in a world that we share with all of humanity, and with lots of negative energy being expressed, we do not have to experience any of that, even though it may be all around us. It does not have to be within us, but because of the distractions all around us, we must practice mental and emotional control and direction in every moment. This requires strong intention, but we have free will. Consciously or subconsciously, we choose the focus of our attention, always manifesting in our state of being.

We can be the masters of our inner knowing and our creative envisioning, guided by our intuition, our connection with our Source-consciousness. This energy is what we radiate all around us. We attract experiences that resonate with our state of being. Although it may appear to be, this has nothing to do with our larger environment. In our consciousness we can disengage from the realm of duality and transform into a higher-vibratory dimension, unaffected by the energetic quality of negativity.

Because of our creative essence, we personally experience the energetic level that we align with, and that we share with the consciousness of humanity. Our tools of transformation are our thoughts, words, feelings and how we live and express ourselves. With our intuitive knowing as our inner guide, we enable ourselves to channel the awareness of Source energy. We can live in deep gratitude and joy. As we focus on maintaining a level of feeling love and compassion, negative energy disappears from our lives. It no longer receives our life force, and as it weakens, we become stronger, unaffected by negative energy in any encounters.

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