Transforming Our Limitations

A most difficult part of expanding our conscious awareness is releasing our limiting beliefs about ourselves. They are based on the shame and fear of negativity, and they comprise the nature of our ego-consciousness. When we resolve our limitations, we also resolve our ego, leading us to the unlimited Self-Awareness that envelops the cosmos. We are infinite Being, fractals of the Creator of all. Ego cannot imagine who we are. All it knows is limitation. Through our intuition, however, we can know our true Self, realizing our present awareness beyond space and time. We can develop intuitive sensitivity in opening to higher consciousness.

Intuition is always life-enhancing. It has only positive polarity, and its Source knows much more about us than our conscious minds do. In our human desire to be separate individuals with a private consciousness, we have kept ourselves unaware of the Source of our conscious life force, which is universal Being and which enlivens us in every moment. We live in the consciousness of the Creator and are enveloped in the unconditional love energy that enlivens everyone. In our human life, however, we have developed negative perspectives that disallow us from paying attention to our divine knowing.

Our hypnotic trance of negativity can be awakened by intention. When we intend to be aware of the energy of our heart, we open ourselves to the quality of its presence. This is the beginning of expanding awareness. If we can be in a serene place in nature and just feel the energy when we focus on our heart, we can feel the enhancing energy of Gaia. If we are open to the highest vibrations, we can begin to be aware that every cell in our body is luminous. We have inner light. Our cells constantly emit photons, which are quanta of light. Our presence is radiant.

If we examine the nature of consciousness, we find that it is not localized in us. It is universal, shared by all conscious beings, including the consciousness that creates everything. We are telepathic with all creatures and things. Consciousness creates and sustains everyone and everything. It is the force of life and awareness. It expresses itself in the unified quantum field of all potentialities. In our mental and emotional creative essence, we align with energetic patterns in the quantum field, radiating our thoughts and emotions into the enveloping plasma for manifestation in our experiences.

When we know and follow all of the subtleties of our intuition, we can transcend the realm of duality and live intentionally in the realm of abundance, love and freedom. We can learn to express the desires of our heart in gratitude, compassion and joy, and we can expect that life will reflect the quality of energy that we consciously align and resonate with. Without limiting beliefs, we are free to be our true, unlimited Self-Awareness, even as humans.

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