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Transforming our Enslavement into Unlimited Freedom

By releasing our attachment to energies that we don’t want to experience, we can stop giving them reality. For them to be real for us, we must recognize them and believe that they are real. If we do not give them our attention and belief, they disappear from our experience. Releasing our belief in their reality requires deep introspection in search of the source of our infinite Self-Awareness. This is the essence of our consciousness and is who we are in our immortal Self.

Beliefs in our personal limitations are self-constructed through parental training and social conditioning, and we can deconstruct them through positively intending to express our true Self. Ego-consciousness begins to disappear into the background. In its place arises our intuitive knowing. As our inner feeling and knowing become a constant presence in our awareness, we can release our fears and feelings of insecurity and stress. These are accompaniments of ego-consciousness and depend for their reality upon our limited awareness.

If we search within our own awareness, we feel anchored to our physical presence. We can sense many kinds of feelings as our consciousness envelops all parts of our body, but our awareness is not limited to the empirical world. We also have our inner feeling and knowing, our intuition, which we can become sharply sensitive to.

As we learn to be intuitive, we begin to transform our lives and to align with our greater identity. Once we learn to depend upon our intuition, we can face our challenges with confidence in our connection with infinite knowing. At any time, we have the choice of opening our awareness to the wonder and majesty of who we really are as fractals within the consciousness of the Creator of universes. We participate in the consciousness of the Creator as extensions of the Infinite One and Creators of experiences that express the qualities of our state of being, which is a result of the energetic patterns of our thoughts and emotions.

The true function of our free will is to play intentionally with the polarity and vibratory patterns of the unified quantum field of all potentialities. By our perspective and intent, we change the qualities of the electromagnetic wave patterns around us. We are designed to express the intent of the Creator through our own internal mental and emotional processes. By intentionally holding the unconditional love that flows through the heart of our Being, we can express the enhancement of all of life.

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