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Transforming Our Consciousness

We can ask to be drawn more deeply into the consciousness of the Creator. Concurrently we can align our imagination and emotions to energetic patterns flowing with unconditional love in our essence. This is our vibratory frequency beyond time and space. It is the vibration of creative life-enhancement everywhere. We are present here, and in our essence, we are everywhere and have no physical presence, other than what we create for ourselves in every moment. In resonance with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, we are constantly creating our lives and our bodies. By controlling and directing recognition and realization of our energetic vibrations and polarity, we can transform our bodies and experiences. All of this has been impossible for us to identify with, because our ego-consciousness cannot go there. Ego has a limited conscious awareness that cannot go beyond dualistic empiricism. This is our realized reality of time and space. It is a kind of hypnotic trance that allows for awakening at will by aligning with the consciousness of the Creator.

In our innate Self, we contribute to, and have access to, infinite consciousness. The quality of every energetic expression that we wish to observe, feel and recognize is creative. Without intuitive guidance, the ego creates chaos with fear and doubt. Ego has no true understanding of life. To gain this understanding, we must have a broader perspective and be willing to go beyond our comfort zone in faith and trust that we are sufficiently aware of our inner knowing. This state of knowing everything is available to us through our intentional energetic alignment with infinite love and joy.

These are the qualities of true creative power, in which there is absolute confidence in our inner knowing and feeling. We can recognize our expanding awareness beyond our former limiting beliefs about ourselves. We are playing roles in the human drama. Most of us keep to the script of our destiny, and then there are the ones who recognize some clues that point beyond the norm of awareness. We can recognize that everything is within our own consciousness, and we are the constant creators of the qualities of our roles through our energetic radiance.

As we transition to a new era, we pass into a life-enhancing world, while the world of entropy dissolves. Much of humanity is creating a path toward more duality and limitation, while threats increase and security melts down. This world is disappearing from our personal experience. We can withdraw our attention from it and instead devote our attention to the vibrations that speak from our heart. While the consciousness that we live within is filling with greater love, we can live every moment with compassionate understanding, as our creative ability grows more direct and powerful.

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Greg Janovski
Greg Janovski
Sep 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Greetings from Poland !

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