Transforming Humanity

We have reached the very end of the End Times of the low-vibration patterns of humanity. The natural energy patterns of Earth and our galaxy are rising in frequency, as exemplified by the Shumann Resonance graph. All of humanity’s energy blocks and negative emotional knots must come to light and be resolved through compassion and wisdom. The low-vibration energy must come into alignment with higher vibratory patterns or become unstable in its frequencies and wavelengths and dissolve. The parasites must transform or leave our planet.

We are the creators of high-frequency personal vibrations. Through our high-vibration energy signatures, together with the rising vibratory rate of the Earth and our nearby cosmos, we are raising the vibratory rate of humanity. We do not give any credence or life force to the current dramas of humanity. They are only manipulated energy patterns that do not affect us, unless we allow it. Historically almost all humans have accepted it, but now conditions have become so insane, that people are realizing that we really have been slaves. Innately, however, we know that we are sovereign beings and are beginning to awaken to our true Selves.

Any energy patterns that we face, we can transform through our intentions, imagination and emotions, if we are absolutely present and deeply know our true Being. This usually doesn’t happen all at once, but we grow into our Selves with intentional practice. This process happens for us, when we live in the energy spectrum of compassion, joy and love. They attract experiences that are compatible with their energy patterns.

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