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Transforming Humanity

We do not need to be subservient to anyone. The reason we have accepted servitude is our invention of fear. We imagine that we can be harmed or terminated. We get sick and grow old and feeble. These are not the attributes of sovereignty and infinite creative power. We must recognize that this is a limited game in consciousness that we are playing. We are constantly controlling our polarity and vibratory frequencies with our mental and emotional state of being. We determine the mental and emotional quality of every experience by the way we are. Although we have relegated this energetic modulation to our subconscious, we can be the directors of our state of being by paying attention to the feelings and thoughts that, in our deepest essence, we want to have.

By aligning with gratitude, joy and love, regardless of any distractions, we are creating a vibratory level for ourselves and all of humanity and beyond, because this is our true infinite consciousness. We are unlimited in the creative expressions that we can realize in our experiences. Each of us is an expression within the consciousness of the Creator of all. We are designed to express the consciousness of the Creator living in the heart of our Being. In our deepest essence, we can realize infinite awareness. It is much richer in every way beyond our thought and emotional limitations. It is deepest knowing of everything. This happens when we are fully in alignment with our heart-felt intuition.

In our eternal presence of awareness, we direct the lives of our human expressions according to how we use our attention and how we feel about ourselves. We have had to live within the beliefs that we created to limit our awareness, so that we could feel fear. On a species level, humanity has chosen to open itself to greater awareness of our inner light. This means dissolving fear and enabling us to realize living in infinite love and support in every way. We are transitioning as an entire race into full Self-Realization. Those of us who can achieve this sooner are drawing the attention of others and expressing a powerful energetic radiance that affects everyone.

All of the structures of enslavement that we have lived under are self-destructing and dissolving. We are restoring our planet to a vibrant environment of life-enhancing energy by paying attention to our intuitive knowing in alignment with the energy of our heart. We are vibrating in a higher energetic dimension of positivity. This transforms our personal lives and affects everyone who is open to it.

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