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Transforming from Fear and Suffering into Infinite Being

Once we resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can be as expansive as we desire. In our true nature we are eternal, infinite Being, living in unconditional love and the ecstasy of limitless creativity. Except for our own self-imposed limitations, nothing keeps us from realizing the truth of our infinite awareness. We have accepted shame and abuse practically since birth. We have identified with the limitations believed to be real in our culture, including sinfulness, lack of love, imperfection and mortality. These are all artificial constructs that we have imposed upon ourselves in a kind of hypnotic trance, in order to experience what it is like to feel separate from our infinite Source. This has enabled us to develop our spiritual focus in ways not otherwise possible, but once we have gone as far as we can in the realm of duality, it is time to remember the Source of our life, and to awaken to our true, infinite Self.

In our physical embodiment we have been gifted with the ability to modulate and play with energy in unique ways and to exercise our creative ability in the empirical world. While living in the forms of physicality, we can be creative without delving into negative energy, but we have been fascinated with dark forces and what is possible in this kind of density. Now we know what it is like, and we can choose to live in the spectrum of energetics that we really want to experience.

We are not created to be enslaved in darkness. Suffering is purely a choice on our part. It may have resulted from accession to subterfuge and dissimulation, but here we are. Because we have accepted fear into our being, and the belief in our mortality, we have enslaved ourselves to submission to threats of all kinds. We are not required to experience any of this, and we can transform our experience with a strong intention at any moment.

Because we express ourselves in terms of electromagnetic wave patterns, what we experience is a result of our own polarity and vibratory frequency. We control our energetic expression with our imagination and emotions, which results in a continuously changing energetic signature, radiating our state of being into the enveloping quantum field of all potentialities, and resulting in our attracting experiences that resonate with our own energies. We have absolute control of our own levels of vibration in what we pay attention to and how we feel about it and about ourselves.

If we could just erase our attachment to every negative experience we’ve ever had and focus our attention only on the kind of experiences we want, we could transform our lives immediately, but we have a lot of mental and emotional inertia, which holds us in remembrance of past negative experiences. These must be resolved by awareness, acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves for getting stuck in fear. The more we can imagine our true nature and feel what it is like to be unconditionally loving and loved by all of life, the more we can resolve the limitations of our ego-consciousness and transform ourselves beyond the realm of dark forces, which depend upon our energetic alignment for their existence.

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