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Transforming Chaos and Hatred into Compassion and Joy

Accepting the chaos and destructive energies in our world without resistance is a necessary step in our own transformation and the transformation of all of humanity. Our natural state of being is thankful, open, joyful and confident. It is with an elevated state of Being that we can accept the negative energies that are manifesting among humanity. While giving them only passing awareness, we do not need to align with them in resistance. We can accept them in neutrality, and balance them through our alignment with the light within, allowing for acceptance in neutrality and transformation into energies that are life-enhancing. We can do this in our own awareness and can relate with the higher aspect of any pattern of energy or any person.

The life-force is always present in everything that exists and is part of universal consciousness. If something is so evil that it has no light within, it ceases to exist. Negativity is ultimately self-destructive. It needs our life force through our engagement and alignment with fear. Without our resistance to evil, we give it zero energy. Our focus on the light within every encounter enables it to appear for us, and we can realize the higher energetics involved everywhere according to the vibrations that are present.

We have the free choice to focus on whatever we desire to interface with. We can allow our realizations to come through our imagination and our emotions and then to fill our awareness with their reality. This is how we can free ourselves from our limitations and transform ourselves and humanity. When we are living in gratitude and joy, negativity cannot exist in our experience. What is happening around us is irrelevant. Those conditions change with the consciousness of humanity, just as does our condition with our attention and alignment with the emotions of our heart.

By changing our own perspective and way of being, we change the quality of our experiences and what’s happening around us. When we choose a higher vibratory life, this is what we are creating for ourselves. We can transcend negativity by paying attention to what gives us gratitude, compassion and joy, while being open to great wisdom within. We can accept all the characters in the drama around us with neutrality. In our own state of being we can transform negativity into neutrality by our own awareness of the balancing energies of life-enhancement. Without our alignment and engagement, negativity is neutralized and disappears from our experience. We can continue to pay attention to the vibrations of our heart in gratitude, compassion and joy for all of our experiences.

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