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Transformation is Our Choice

When, we pay attention to the highest feelings that we can imagine in our heart-consciousness, we can feel the greatest love and joy. At this level of vibrations, we are beyond negativity and any kind of fear or doubt. How much intensity of love we receive depends upon our ability to stay open and receptive to it. This is an intentional journey that we can pause at any time and reorient ourselves. We can be in the process of taking on a completely positive perspective, knowing that we are cared-for by universal consciousness, which wants to give us everything we love. We can open our awareness to this knowing, resulting in the transformation of our lives as much as we allow in every moment.

By living in positive, high-vibrations of compassion, joy, and gratitude, we can realize our presence beyond the physical world. The dualistic energetic spectrum that humanity inhabits consciously has no power over us, unless we align with it. By paying attention to the energetics of our heart-consciousness, we can open our awareness to our eternal presence of Self. We live in a consciousness that is beyond energetics, and it commands them. Even now, even if we don’t understand or know about this, we are continuously creating experiences for ourselves by forming vibratory patterns of electromagnetic waves as expressions of our thoughts, emotions and of the realizations in our consciousness.

As we transform our lives, we learn that we can modulate the energetics of every situation that we participate in. By following our inner knowing in every moment, we enter a dimension of love and beauty. This is our natural state of being, and we are being drawn into it by the increasingly powerful environment of Light, in alignment with the energy of our heart-consciousness. It encompasses the Earth and beyond, even beyond time/space. It is universal consciousness, and we participate in as much of it as we can open our awareness to. This is part of our intentional alignment with higher-dimensional energetics in greater love and ecstasy.

We can become intentional in every moment, and aware of our inner guidance. By releasing our attachments to limitation and fear, we transform into transcendent Beings. Even our DNA changes on an etheric level and then manifests in our experience. As magic and miracles become normal experiences in our lives, in alignment with our energetic expressions, ego-consciousness becomes our servant, rather than the master it has been. Our heart-consciousness shines brightly in our awareness and opens areas of consciousness that we had closed off from ourselves. As we go about our lives, everything changes for the better, and our radiance elevates the consciousness of humanity.

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