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Transcending Fear and Limitation

If we decide to break out of the human trance, and to be aware of the vastness of our consciousness, we must be aware of our limiting beliefs and resolve them, as we ultimately open ourselves to realizing our infinity. This is the path we can choose, when we’ve had enough experience with fear and all negative vibrations. They are all self-created and require our energetic alignment.

With this awareness, we can be fearless. We do not need to create fear in ourselves. It does not exist anywhere, except in our own realization, based on our belief in negativity and personal demise. It is deductively impossible that we are created to die. Creative energy is only life-enhancing. We have had to create our own mortality and disintegration, which we have done through our limiting beliefs about ourselves. In every moment we create the realm of duality, which we realize we are participating in.

Within our acquired belief system, we have realized experiences of negativity, for which we created fear and our own physical demise. By our strong intention, we can banish fear and doubt from our consciousness by realizing that they do not exist apart from our creative intent, energetic alignment and the projection of our life force through our attention.

By shifting our attention to the energetics in the heart of our Being, we can transcend the dimension of negativity and realize our own infinite essence and creative ability. Whenever we choose to do so, we can refocus our attention on our heart-consciousness, which is only life-enhancing in every way. We can realize our eternal presence of infinite awareness, opening us to the realization of who we really are in great joy and gratitude.

As we can open our realization to our greater Self, all limitations become unbelievable. We still have the memory of fear, worry and doubt, but they do not exist in us. Personal transformation occurs as we align with our heart-consciousness and intuitive knowing. We still participate in the same lives as humans, but in a higher energetic band beyond duality. Everything within and around us transforms into experiences of everything we love. When we live with an expanded realization, we are drawing all of humanity out of their hypnotic trance of living with negative experiences in limited awareness.

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