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Transcending Ego-Consciousness

One way of transcending ego-consciousness and opening our ourselves to realization of greater consciousness, is to spend time in a quiet and majestic part of nature while spacing out and imagining scenarios of great love and fulfillment. As we become acquainted with these vibrations, and being able to feel them, we are expanding our awareness of a greater world of exploring our consciousness and realizing how we are designed to live.

We can recognize when we disallow ourselves the emotions of our heart. This happens every time we go into some form of fear, when we diminish our life force with stress and negative feelings. If we find ourselves in this condition, we have the opportunity of directing our attention and emotional sensitivity to gratitude for everything, compassion for ourselves and joy for being aware of this.

Regardless of our condition, we do have the ability to choose our state of being. We are the directors of our awareness. Any limiting attachments that keep us from realizing infinite awareness within universal consciousness can be intentionally released. Since all attachments are based in some kind of fear, we can transform that energy into gratitude and joy, regardless of how we believe negativity arose in us. These are intentional choices. We may need to learn procedures that help us direct our attention successfully to the energies we love, especially if we’ve fallen into addictions to negative patterns.

We naturally feel and know how to be and how to pay attention to positive vibrations, and to resonate with them. This opens us to the energy of the heart of our conscious essence, expressed by our physical heart, which constantly radiates unconditional love for us, regardless of what we do to it. When we can realize what these energies are, and can align with them, we can realize a greater reality in every present moment.

When we can be in gratitude and joy, we can live in awareness of our conscious unity with all living creatures. We encompass everything within our consciousness, and we can be aware of the awareness of anyone we focus on. When we align with our heart-consciousness, we naturally enhance the lives of everyone we encounter, and we feel the love, because it’s all happening within our consciousness and our presence of awareness. Our entire reality is within our consciousness, and we direct its quality, and to some extent its form.

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