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Transcending Ego-Consciousness

We can be aware of our infinite Being by aligning with the light in the heart of everyone. It manifests as a photonic emission of radiance, and it is the spark of unconditional love that we can innately know and feel and realize. We all arise within the consciousness of the Creator and are imbued with Creator energy through our heart. This is our source of inspiration, constantly guiding us to align with its vibratory level, drawing us into greater compassion, love and joy. Our realization of this begins with gratitude. We are here to deeply enjoy living, and we have the ability to do this, regardless of what may be happening in the world around us, for which we can have deep compassion.

Through gratitude for our greater Being, we are given the ability to open our awareness to infinite Being. We can learn to be our eternal presence of awareness in every moment, always aligned with our higher guidance. Universal consciousness arranges our experiences to resonate with our state of being. By opening our realization of this, we can release the distractions of ego-consciousness. The events around us have no consequence for us. All that is important is how we personally use our attention to guide our vibratory level. While being mindful of the quality of our personal vibrations, we can open ourselves to our higher guidance.

Flowing into us is the creative life force that abundantly provides for us in every way, if we allow it. Our attention in gratitude is required for this awareness. We can choose to shift our attention into a clear presence of awareness. Our personal dramas and needs can transform into personal fulfillment, once we transcend our ego-consciousness of doubt and fear. The quality of our personal reality depends upon our attitude and perspective, as well as our mental and emotional actions and reactions. These are the creative powers designing our experiences.

Our polarity and vibratory level are our creative energies. As often as we focus and align with the vibratory expressions of any energetic pattern, we create that level of experience for ourselves, regardless of what may be happening around us. Being aware of how we feel in every situation, we can recognize if we are in ego-consciousness or beyond it. Beyond it is the truly creative realm, because we can use unlimited life force. In ego-consciousness, we have limited ourselves in how much divine energy we can embody, and much of it we have given in alignment with negative, parasitic energy.

When we can realize our expanding Self by being our clear presence of awareness in love and joy, we are in alignment with our infinite Being and are unlimited in our creative ability. We can all have this realization. This is the direction that humanity is being drawn toward, as we gain ascension-consciousness into a higher energetic dimension.

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