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Training Ourselves for Greater Awareness

When we choose to be carried in joy on the vibrations of Creator Consciousness, we enter a space of unconditional love. This is unknown in ego-consciousness, because there is no element of fear. Ego-consciousness is based in fear of suffering and termination. Intentionally choosing gratitude and joy as our state of being, enables us to become aware of transcendence beyond ego-consciousness. In this realm we can realize ecstasy and fulfillment in every way. This energetic field enhances all life. For us to be aware of this dimension of reality, we must realize it in our inner knowing. This realization happens when we open our awareness intentionally and without attachments to limitations.

Limiting beliefs about ourselves hold us in ego-consciousness. In Creator Consciousness there are no limitations, and our entry into realization of its reality is personally transforming. Our entire lives change for the better. We do not need to be attached to anything, because we can create everything we want in every moment. From fear we can switch our focus to love, and we no longer provide our life force and alignment to fear and threats. We are completely cared-for and are beyond negativity. We can realize its unreality in the face of our eternal presence of conscious awareness with unlimited creative ability.

Even without awareness of our creative ability, we are still creating the qualities of our experiences by our thought patterns and emotional attachments. This is our nature, and we can direct it intentionally. We can train our subconscious mind to align with the nature of our heart-consciousness and work creatively with us. When our entire consciousness is in alignment with our inner knowing, we concentrate our creative power, resulting in immediate experience of our creative intentions.

Each of us is unique, and we get to determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions in every moment. This is our creative energy, and it reflects back to us as the qualities of our experiences. It all depends upon how we feel about ourselves. The polarity and frequency of our thought patterns and feelings about ourselves and our conditions magnetically attract resonating energies in the quantum field. All possibilities always exist for us to experience through our recognition and feeling. Through our imagination and emotions, we can bring anything into our realization, when we align in clarity with our intuitive presence of awareness.

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