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The Workings of Our Intention

As more of us awaken to the possible reality of living in a realm of joy and beauty, we lose our interest in the realm of duality, withdrawing our life force along with our attention. This is resulting in the collapse of the world that we have been living in energetically. This realm is held in place by the consciousness of humanity, and our alignment with its energy gives it reality for us. For us to jump into the world of love and joy, we need a strong desire and intention. Once we achieve this level of vibration in ourselves for sustained periods, we provide a strong positive vibration for humanity, stimulating others to be interested and attracted to the recognition of a higher energetic dimension, which we can be living in.

We can read the energy in the moment by recognizing if it is completely life-enhancing, or if someone is being diminished by it. In order to master this discernment, we can transcend our ego-consciousness by intentionally paying attention to our intuitive guidance, which is always life-enhancing in unconditional love, and is our connection with universal consciousness. We can intentionally align our thoughts and emotions with this positive-feeling vibratory level, even when we’re facing strong negativity. Our state of being is always our choice, and our choice controls the quality of our experience. Circumstances arrange themselves to accommodate our vibrations.

If we are completely positive and confident in enhancing all of life in our every breath, we create the fulfillment of all the desires of our heart. There is nothing limiting or destroying our creative thoughts and feelings, because we no longer have doubt or fear. This can be understood purely from recognizing the energetics involved, the polarity and vibratory resonance. All of our intuitive guidance comes with a positive polarity and high-frequency resonance. We naturally feel good about it, and it is good for everyone involved.

With a strong intention to be our true Self, we can attract all the energy we need to make the leap in consciousness to be only positive and to realize the life of true beauty, abundance and freedom that is available to all who can recognize its reality.

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