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The Value of Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering tell us what we don’t want to know about ourselves. They tell us where we’re enamored of negativity and how we’re mentally and emotionally stuck in life-diminishing energies. Pain in our bodies symbolizes the kind of negative energy we’re attached to. Our ego-consciousness does not want us to realize the ways we limit ourselves, but there is an aspect of our consciousness that wants us to have this awareness, and it prompts us with pain and suffering to open our awareness. In response, the ego hangs on tighter to our limitation and blames others for our condition, or we believe that everything is a matter of chance, fate or karma.

Often it may appear to us that others are the cause of our suffering. This would be possible only if we are victims, without control of everything we experience. If we actually are sovereign Beings and expressions of the consciousness that creates everything, then we are the source of our experiences, and it is possible for us to realize how we have been creating our conditions. Our suffering always has a specific form that symbolizes where and how we are holding a negative fixation. In her book, Heal Your Body, Louise L. Hay has presented a comprehensive review and analysis of all the ways that we disempower ourselves with our physical aches and pains, and how we can take positive control of our lives again.

Opening our awareness to our physical problems and recognizing their symbolic significance for our emotional distress can be the path to healing ourselves. It requires opening our heart in compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and everyone we blame for our condition. We have manifested our aches and pains from our fears and judgmentalness. If we can resolve and release all of this, and see the light of the Creator in everyone involved, we can dissolve our trauma, accept our situation as our own creation, and transform our perspective with confidence and love. We can move forward with joy in our lives, as we feel the guidance that comes to us through the vibrations of our heart.

Living with pain and suffering is not necessary. It is all self-created by dwelling on some form of negative energy that we hold in our bodies. Anything that gives us discomfort deserves our attention. We would be experiencing it only if we have invited it into our presence with our vibratory resonance. It does not matter how this came about, whether we inherited it or created it in this life. If we continue to hold onto it and do not realize the effect it is having on us, our deepest consciousness provides physical defects that prompt us to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that keep us from radiating love and joy in the presence of everyone and everything.

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