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The Transformation of Humanity

From the quantum sciences, as well as from higher mathematics and esoteric spirituality, we can learn that consciousness is everything. There is nothing apart from consciousness, and consciousness includes awareness and realization. We have also learned that everything that exists is a fractal of something greater, and all fractals contain minute fractals of themselves, which contain even more minute fractals of themselves, and all are conscious entities, having awareness and realization. Everything that exists is conscious, from sub--atomic entities to entire universes. All are included in universal consciousness, which we may know as the essence of the Being that we may call the Creator.

As fractals of the Creator, we have all the attributes and abilities of Creator consciousness. In our deepest awareness, we contain everything from viruses and protozoa to stars and galaxies and beyond, but in our incarnation as humans, we have no grasp of our own vastness, and this is intentional on our part. We chose to experience our limitations. In this lifetime, many of us chose to be here in order to transform the consciousness of humanity, because humanity has been on a destructive course and is in dire need of a course correction.

It is through our ability to modulate the energies in our awareness that we can change the consciousness of humanity. What we do physically can be helpful, but it is what we do in our consciousness that is what shifts the polarity of humanity to life-enhancement. We must be the ones who can realize living in gratitude and joy for no other reason than that we know this is how we truly want to be. This kind of envisioning and emotional expression purges us of our limitations and creates clarity in our perspective. Everything we do can arise from the energetic level of gratitude, compassion, love and joy. In this perspective, we can exercise and care for our bodies, we can dance, sing, go shopping, interact with one another and enjoy being in nature.

We can establish a way of being mentally and emotionally that is life-enhancing in every way. By aligning with our inner knowing of what we love the most, we can transform our lives beyond the wildest dreams of our ego-consciousness. We are here to transform ego-consciousness into limitless awareness and unconditional love for the enhancement of all life, beginning with ourselves. Only by actually living in gratitude and joy can we understand how higher consciousness works. It elevates everything in our experience. We can no longer work in meaningless or destructive jobs or live in poverty and oppression. We can attract as much abundance and love into our experience as we can allow. Our consciousness has no limits, and when we can thoroughly accept this in our realization, we transform our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

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