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The Secret We All Hold Within

Created in unconditional love in the consciousness of the Creator of all, we are given our own unique eternal, personal essence, with the freedom to express ourselves however we choose in every moment and in any dimension and density. In our essence we have unlimited awareness and creative ability. As fractals of the One consciousness, we share our awareness in deepest love and joy with all the elements, all conscious beings, animate and inanimate, and all the entities of nature.

To the extent that we have chosen to experience life as humans on this planet at this time, we have entered a kind of hypnotic trance and imposed upon ourselves many limitations, including participation in dark energy in an experiment to know what it is like to separate ourselves from awareness of our Source. We have chosen to operate within ego-consciousness and without higher guidance or knowing our true essence. We have delved so deeply into negative energies, that we are now in danger of destroying ourselves and our planet.

It is time for humanity to awaken to the essence of who we really are and return to our full consciousness as immortal Beings of great Light and unconditional love. This capability lives within each of us in the presence of our intuitive knowing in the heart of our Being. This is our higher guidance. We have intentionally not been paying attention to it, and it has become dim, but it is always present. To become aware of it, we can learn to control our breath, our mental processes and our emotions. We can learn to become serene within and to listen and be aware of what we deeply know in every moment.

We can call our guides and angels and other ascended Beings to draw our awareness to our true essence and to inspire us to expand in unconditional love, gratitude, compassion and joy without limit. Every situation and every person displays the life force of the Creator, or they could not exist. If we look for the light in every encounter and intend to interact only with it, we can recognize the presence of the divine.

The more positive we can become, and the higher we can go in gratitude and joy, the stronger our intuitive awareness becomes, ultimately lifting us into a realm of ecstasy, freedom and beauty unimaginable to our ego-consciousness. As our connection with our heart-consciousness strengthens, we transform our lives into experiences of miraculously wonderful encounters and feelings, regardless of what seems to be happening around us. By paying attention and aligning our awareness more completely with our intuitive guidance, we can release our attachment to limitation and can transcend our ego-consciousness. Awareness within universal consciousness awaits our realization.

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