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The Richness of the Void of Ego-Consciousness

From a place of nowhere, we are present awareness. Our awareness requires only the flow of conscious life force from the Creator. This life force provides an open connection through our intuition, our inner knowing, into the consciousness of the Creator. We are endowed with personal Self-Realization that is unlimited in universal consciousness. To experience it as our reality, we must recognize its energetic resonance and align with it.

The transformation of the Earth provides us with some clues. Geophysicists are observing the weakening and changing of Earth’s polarity into a status of unitary polarity within the center of the planet. Gaia is shifting to only positive on every level. Negative energy will soon be unable to exist here. All beings will be positive beyond polarity. The negative has been getting weaker and disappearing for a decade now. It still appears to be powerful, but it is only appearance, because of the media.

If we do not engage with negative vibrations or align with them in any way, they cannot come into our experience. We can be subject to psychic and spiritual parasites only with our consent, in which case we must align with their energetic resonance. Only if we give them reality by believing that they are real for us personally, will we have experiences on their vibratory level. By vibrating completely positively at a level of gratitude, compassion and love, we remain beyond their influence and encounter.

It is our awareness in every moment that establishes our limits or our infinity of Being. We are either open or partially-open to our true Being. We cannot be completely closed, or we would not exist. Everyone has inner light. The more light we can be open to, the more expansive we can be, and the higher our vibrations. All of our cells receive conscious life force and emit photons. We are radiant light Beings, even in physical form.

Our bodies are symbols of what we believe about ourselves. They change as our beliefs change, and as our relationship with our innate being changes. Our innate makes no judgment, it just expresses our conscious energetics as physical features and conditions in our bodies. Being observant about this is how we can understand our limiting beliefs, so that we can resolve them in order to become unlimited in our awareness.

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