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Insights into Our Humanness

Our emotions live in their own vibratory realm. Without words or thoughts, they have a vibratory presence in our awareness, and they are a form of innate experiencing within our consciousness. They are not limited by our beliefs in the way our conscious minds are. As the magnetic aspect of our vibratory presence, our emotions are intimately connected with our mental processes, which are the electrical aspect of the vibrations of our consciousness. Thus, we experience ourselves as the intersection of the realms of thought and emotion, able to experience and understand at the same time.

Because we have limitless emotions and limited thoughts and beliefs, we have created anomalies in our awareness. Whereas our emotions are deep and vast, our ego-conscious-mind operates entirely within the boundaries of our limiting beliefs, which are also mental. We can have emotional drives that the mind does not influence, and we can have mental fixations that are not influenced by our emotions. The misalignment of these two aspects of ourselves causes emotional and mental stress and fear. We attempt to remain viable by limiting our emotions, instead of resolving our limitations and flowing with our emotions. To be successful with this, we must be acutely aware of our intuition always. This inner guidance provides deep understanding in every moment, able to express itself with energies of life-enhancement, if that is what we pay attention to.

Arising from the essence of our conscious life-force, our own mental and emotional processes are by nature limitless in their power to create experiences for us. Once we are able to resolve and transcend our limiting beliefs, we regain our expanded awareness within universal consciousness. The anomalies disappear. We become balanced in our state of Being, and we are mentally and emotionally clear.

When we are in the wilderness, we can feel and know the vibrations of the conscious spirit of our planet. We just need to open our awareness to her radiance. It is the same for every conscious being and every species. If we really pay attention, we can be empathic and aware of the awareness of other beings. In our essence, we all share the same consciousness, but our awareness is unique for each of us. The extent of our expansiveness depends upon our openness to the expressions of the consciousness of our heart, our innermost Self.

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Jun 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow! With deep appreciation! 🦋

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