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The Power of Our Attention

As we are aware of much conflict and negativity throughout humanity, we have been trained to recognize it as real and to react to it in states of anxiety, anger and fear. We actually have a free choice in how we want to understand all of this and feel about it. It appears that there is an empirical world beyond our personal identity, outside of our body, but it is a world of energy that is empirical only in our beliefs that control the revelations in our consciousness. We participate in the consciousness of all of humanity. We have a group consciousness, just like all other species have. Every group consciousness includes and transcends the physical presence of its members.

The human consciousness includes our entire genetic and experiential history since the creation of our DNA. We are all connected in our group consciousness through our intuition, which also includes our connection with universal consciousness, which envelops and interpenetrates everything. The essence of universal consciousness is the consciousness of the Creator of all. This is the consciousness that enlivens us and provides our conscious awareness.

We have imposed psychic limitations upon ourselves, so that we have been mostly unaware of consciousness beyond our physical presence. We wanted to challenge ourselves to practice our mastery, so here we are in a hotbed of very provocative energies that compete for our attention, all designed to distract us from awakening to the limitations of our human hypnotic trance in the realm of dualistic empiricism. One major challenge of our times is our tendency to keep searching for what the dark forces are planning next and how to resist them. What happens to us is that we stop paying attention to the energy of our heart, and we engage the negative forces in resistance to them, aligning with their polarity and frequency. This enables them to share our life force from our attention, strengthening them. This happens on a psychic level, and it is how evil continues to exist. We cannot defeat evil by aligning with its energetics. Its essence is the natural expression of those energetics.

Because the positive polarity is gaining strength, and higher vibrations are stronger than lower vibrations, the way to transform this situation is to align with love and compassion for the dark ones. In every moment, we make free-will choices of where we place our attention and what energies we align with. These choices determine the reality we will experience. There are other timelines and realities available to us beyond negativity. What we experience is directly related to what levels of energy we pay attention to. Paying attention is actually giving our life force to create a real quality of experience for us. It’s not just being aware of what we focus on, it is how we feel about it, and how we align with it vibrationally.

Paying attention to the energies of our heart and resonating with them in every moment transforms our lives, and we come into alignment with the higher dimension of human consciousness and benefit from the knowledge, love and wisdom of beings beyond time and space. We are helping to expand the consciousness of humanity into a more refined dimension of energetics.

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